You will select and investigate a communication theory for this assignment, and you will create an annotated bibliography that adheres to American Psychological Association format and style requirements.

1. Select one of the following communication theories from the course content:

EXCEPT Groupthink, any group or organizational communication theory
Any of the Theories of Culture and Diversity
Any of the Theories of Relationship Development
See the attachment for an abridged list of basic communication theories to start familiarizing yourself with them. For links to detailed information on a wide range of communication theories, see the Encyclopedia of Communication Theory in our Course Resources. You may want to choose a communication theory with which you are comfortable working throughout the semester. The research you find here can help you with your Theory Presentation (due week 7) and your Final Project (due week 8).

Examine information about the theory you want to pursue. The Encyclopedia of Communication Theory is a good place to start.

5. Once you’ve finished your research, look for peer-reviewed journal articles that apply your communication theory to the career you’re interested in. “Nursing” and “standpoint theory,” for example, or “nursing” and “cognitive dissonance theory.” If you can’t find any studies that directly apply your theory to your line of work, look for studies that apply your theory in other real-world settings. You can then argue that what you learned in these studies applies to your profession as well.

6. Describe the topic.

7. Describe the database(s) you used to conduct your search.

8. Provide a list of the keywords you used in your searches.

9. In the context of the following question, write an introductory paragraph (250-300 words) describing why you chose that theory or researcher:

How can understanding your specific communication theory help you develop the skills and insights you’ll need to succeed in your future work?

In response to the question posed in Step 9, choose three articles from databases in your field of study or career interest that support your thesis.

11. Create an annotated bibliography for the three articles that provide the most support for your thesis. Then, for each article, write a summary of at least 150 words that includes an explanation of how the article supports your thesis. Make sure that each summary or “annotation” contains a specific quote that explains what you learned from the article and/or how it applies to your career.

12. Please write clearly and concisely, with proper grammar and APA-style in-text citations for quotes, summaries, and paraphrases.