Read Hodgetts et alarticle .’s about how people’s social class backgrounds influence how they adapt to becoming homeless. In essence, our social class influences how we interact with others in a variety of situations. Respond to the following questions explicitly using the sociological perspective discussed in Chapter 1:

How would one’s social class background affect how they adapt to life in one of the following settings: an elite college or university, a small rural town in the American Midwest, or a nursing home?
What specific aspects of one’s social class background might have an impact on one’s ability to adapt to this environment?
What kind of social class background would be most helpful in adapting to this situation? Why?
What kind of social class background would be the most difficult to adapt to in this situation? Why?
How has your socioeconomic background influenced your educational experiences?
Have you found it difficult or easy to adjust to online college life because of your social class? Why?

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