1)You are a therapist (in CALIFORNIA) who receives a call from a family with whom you worked about two years ago. The family consists of an unmarried male and female who are currently debating whether to place the man’s mother in a skilled nursing facility. Prepare a posting in which you describe the advice you would give to the family about nursing home financing options. Consider which sources of income would be taken into account in this example. Consider the role of referral to other professionals as well.

2)You are a therapist who works with a family of same-sex partners. Partner #1 has realized that his/her elderly father requires additional living assistance (the father recently experienced some falls and had two small kitchen fires in his apartment). The partners consider moving the father into their large home, but they are concerned about how the father will deal with their relationship. Given the information on long-term care financing provided in this unit, how would you assist the couple in determining the best option for the elderly family members?

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