Students will investigate telehealth, discuss one specific emerging telehealth tool, and identify implications of how telehealth affects emerging telehealth nursing roles in this paper. Students will also use standard criteria to identify credible websites for a specific telehealth population and create a teaching plan to empower this population to evaluate health information on the Internet.

As the work is being composed and organized, include the following in the scholarly paper:

Telehealth and Telenursing
Evaluating Health-Related Websites for Populations Telehealth Applications for a Population
Identify two credible health-related web sites for the preferred patient population that would be useful in ensuring this population’s effective health status.
Explain why you would recommend these websites to this population (what specific aspects of the website).
What criteria did you use to evaluate websites?
Evaluate and report on the reading level of the information presented on each website.
Provide a lesson plan to teach these patients how to choose a reputable and credible health website to manage their health.
This is a 6- to 8-page scholarly paper (excluding the title page and reference page) (s).
Students must use APA formatting throughout the document, including the title page/reference page(s), level headings, and in-text citations/quotes.
Examine the telenurse’s role in using and educating the patient about this specific telehealth tool.