Jean Watson has had a significant impact on nursing practice. She, like all theorists, has a point of view from which she views nursing care and practice. Through the application of theory-based thinking, this activity will help frame the guiding principles of the University of Phoenix curriculum.

Describe the five knowledge patterns and how they can be applied in nursing practice.

Summarize Jean Watson’s theory of human caring, including the ten carative factors.

Determine Jean Watson’s perspective on the following knowledge patterns:

• Empirical understanding (the science)

• Aesthetic awareness (the art)

• Ethical understanding (what constitutes good actions for that patient)

• Firsthand knowledge (nurse-patient relationship)

Explain which pattern(s) in Watson’s theory of human caring are more obvious or easier to apply, using specific examples to back up your claim.

Consider how you might (or do) use caring science in practice, and provide an example of how you might (or do) apply the theory to patient care.

Cite at least two sources in text and include a page or slide with APA-formatted references, depending on how your assignment is formatted.

Your assignment should be formatted as one of the following:

• A paper of 1,050- to 1,225 words.