Presentation on Health-Related Policies

To complete this assignment, you must identify a problem that is of concern to you in your role as an advanced practice nurse and develop a proposal for a potential policy change to address that problem, which is titled “Barriers to practice in Florida.” There are a variety of potential issues that could have an impact on your practice setting or another issue that could have an adverse impact on the patients with whom you work. You can think of the problem as being related to your health promotion project on the prevention of venous leg ulcers, which is based on evidence-based guidelines from and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Depending on your perspective, the policy you are considering may be a reaction to the health promotion issue, or it may be something larger that is still related to the issue.
Obstacles to effective practice

As you begin to consider the possibility of a policy change, the following ideas and steps should be taken into consideration:

The issue is defined and described in detail.
An investigation into the issue’s historical context
Make a public statement or a clarification statement.
Methods of addressing the problem that could be used
Objectives and potential course corrections
Changes have both risks and benefits, which must be considered.
Methodology for evaluating
Suggestions or possible solutions
Upload your Power Point presentation to the W3 Assignment 2 Dropbox no later than Friday, August 12th, 2016. This will include the notes pages that will explain the content of each slide in greater detail. Make sure to follow APA formatting guidelines and to include all of your references.

Maximum Points for the Grading Criteria
Types of legislation include state and federal statutes, as well as legislation governing the scope of practice, reimbursement of expenses, loan repayment, and other issues.
20 A review of the literature should include a minimum of three to four peer-reviewed articles as well as six to seven other outside sources.
Describe the current policy or health-policy issue and how it would affect nursing or healthcare in general.

10 Specify the specific aspects of the proposed policy or policy change that you are considering.
20 Identify the individuals who would benefit from a policy change and explain where support for the policy change would be found in the community.
Write an explanation of the impact of the policy change on nursing practice and health-care delivery.
10 Provide an analysis of the policy from your perspective, as well as an explanation of how it will affect your practice.
20 Employs strong writing abilities, appropriate grammar, and the use of APA formatting throughout the paper, citations, and bibliography.
ten total: one hundred forty

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