Technology has changed not only the way individuals use it, but also the way organizations use it. The availability of technology in the field of business analytics changes as each generation of technology improves and changes. As a result, businesses must do everything possible to stay current with these trends and ensure that their employees do as well.

Investigate the most recent technology being used in the field of business analytics for data-driven decision making using Argosy University’s online library resources and the Internet. Choose at least two scholarly sources for this assignment.

Complete the following tasks:

Identify and describe at least three technological components needed for data-driven decision making. Make it a point to explain how each component relates to business analytics.
Describe how a company would implement each of these technological components. Explain what it is for and how it will be used in the company. Describe any additional considerations that should be taken into account.
Use at least two scholarly sources to back up your claims.

Make certain that you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; that you demonstrate ethical scholarship in appropriate and accurate representation and attribution of sources; and that you use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Create a three to four-page report in Word format. Cite sources in accordance with APA guidelines. LastnameFirstInitial M2 A2.doc is the file naming convention to use.