NURS6221 Managing Human Resources Week 10 Assignment (Module 5)Workplace Discrimination: Understanding Legal and Ethical Requirements Much of employment law and ethics is intended to avoid or address discrimination in the workplace. Based on your own experiences, or those of family or friends, you may be aware of the damaging effects of discrimination in hiring, promotion, compensation, and myriad other aspects of work. Photo Credit: Getty Images The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency charged with ending employment discrimination. In that role it may not, as yet, have succeeded in wiping out discrimination in employment, but as you will discover in researching its website, the EEOC is dedicated to its mission. For your Module 5 Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation for nurse executives on recognizing and responding to employment discrimination in healthcare settings. Be aware that this Assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 10.To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources, with particular attention to those on employment law and discrimination. In particular, review the EEOC website for the following: Trends on reporting of discrimination in organizations (for example, browse the “Newsroom” and “Laws, Regulations, Guidance & MOUs” sections to spot trends), as well as trends in discrimination charges through the years Information on the types of discrimination reported to the EEOC Data on discrimination charges by type (e.g., age, disability, pregnancy, etc.) and the basis of the charge (e.g., race, religion, retaliation, disability)Process for filing a complaint and protections against retaliation Consider implications for healthcare organizations in the EEOC findings. Consider the legal and ethical role of nurse executives in responding to cases of discrimination and in setting and enforcing policies to avoid discriminatory behavior. Assignment: Based on your research, in 8–10 slides, plus Title and Reference slides, include the following: Explain basic legal and ethical terms and guidelines that pertain to the topic of workplace discrimination. Summarize your findings from the EEOC website, including types of discrimination and those most frequently charged, trends in reporting of discrimination, and implications for healthcare organizations in statistics and trends. Explain legal protections for employees with regard to discrimination in the workplace. Explain the role of nurse executives in reporting potential violations of employment law. Analyze potential ethical conflicts nurse executives may face in accusations and lawsuits related to charges of discrimination. Explain recommendations for negotiating those ethical conflicts. Explain the role of nurse executives in preventing discriminatory practices in a healthcare setting and ways discrimination may be managed.  Purchase this Tutorial.