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Explain the research's and findings' ethical implications. - aptitude nursing papers


You will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria by successfully completing this assignment:

Competency 1: Obtain scholarly information in the field of psychology by using information literacy and library research skills.
Provide APA citations for two scholarly articles that support a position on depression causes.
Competency 2: Apply psychological principles to psychology topics.
Identify the arguments used by each author to support his or her point of view, as well as the quality of the evidence used to back up the arguments.
Competency 3: Apply critical thinking to analyze scholarly information and research findings in order to solve problems in the field of psychology.
Describe the authors’ points of view as well as their motivation for writing each article.
Identify the authors’ various assumptions.
Describe each author’s conclusions and the implications of those conclusions in the article.
Competency 4: Apply ethical principles and standards to psychological topics.
Explain the research’s and findings’ ethical implications.
Competency 5: Communicate in a scholarly, professional, and consistent manner with expectations for psychology professionals.
Write in a scholarly tone that is easy to follow and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
You will analyze two scholarly research articles on the causes of depression for this assignment. Select two articles that relate to the side you will take in the debate to help you with your position and arguments for the Unit 5 debate discussion and Unit 6 paper on the causes of depression. The worksheet is very similar to the article analysis you did in Unit 2. In addition to the elements of purpose, point of view, assumptions, arguments, and evidence, you will provide APA references for this worksheet and consider the inferences, conclusions, and implications of the research findings. You may choose one of the debate resources in this unit’s studies. The second article will be chosen from the Capella library. If you do not find an article in the debate resources list that you want to use, you may choose two from the Capella library:
After you’ve chosen and read your articles, fill out the Causes of Depression Issue Analysis Worksheet.
Turnitin will accept your worksheet if you submit it through the Unit 4 assignment link.
Finally, turn in your worksheet for grading to your instructor.
Refer to the Scoring Guide for Causes of Depression Issue Analysis to understand how this assignment will be graded and to ensure you meet the grading criteria.
Articles that argue that  biological factors are the root cause of depression