Prepare a paper in which you respond to the following questions:

Identify the example of a transition of care that you have chosen.
Include a description of the key stakeholders who may be involved in this transition of care, as well as the leadership strategies you would employ to engage and influence them.
Provide an example of how you, as a nurse leader, and your healthcare team would apply systems thinking when providing a transition of care that is aligned with the IHI Quadruple Aim framework in order to improve the process. Explain the fourth goal and strategy you would employ, as well as why you chose them.
Provide an example of how systems thinking could be used to inform your improvement plan for the specific transition of care you chose.
Make certain that your paper includes a title page as well as a reference section. You should also submit a revised version of your Annotated Bibliography.

Submissions must be received by Day 7 of Week 5 and include your paper as well as your refined annotated bibliography.

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