NUR3472CBE Section 01CBE Emerging Healthcare Technologies and Innovation (6 Months) – CBE – 2020 Winter Six Month 2 Deliverable 5 – Nursing Informatics Scope of Practice Competency Evaluate the role and scope of practice for nursing informatics. Scenario You are a clinical educator in the education department of a regional healthcare facility and you have been asked to prepare an infographic (i.e. Venngage, Visme, Snappa, Google Charts, Piktochart) for the local University’s Nursing Student Association’s Annual Conference next week. They have asked you to showcase a specialty in the nursing profession that has changed healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Your supervisor suggested showcasing the various roles and scope of practice for nursing informatics as it is often not as prevalent to student nurses, as other specialties. InstructionsThe infographic guidelines need to include the following elements:· Identify various roles of Nursing Informaticist.· Describe specific settings within your community that nursing informatics could be used· Identify two Nursing Informatics organizations or journals to provide attendees with more information.· Explain how the building blocks of Nursing Informatics prepare nurses for practice· Examine defining characteristics from the scope of practice for nursing informatics· Describe educational requirements for the role· Analyze the past, current, and future impacts of nursing informatics on healthcare delivery and patient outcome Deliverable 6 – Patients at the Core of Technology Innovations Competency Explain innovative systems and distribution of technology to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery and patient safety. Scenario You are a nursing supervisor at a private, critical access hospital offering a variety of clinical care and hospital services to the community. As part of this role, you conduct weekly patient satisfaction phone calls and create patient satisfaction improvement plans for the weekly leadership meetings for any patient concerns. You just completed a disheartening phone call with a geriatric patient, named Mabel, who had a six-day hospital stay following a diagnosis of pneumonia. Mabel started the call sharing that fifteen years ago, she was hospitalized with pneumonia at your hospital but was very pleased with her first stay. Unfortunately, this hospital stay presented a lot of challenges for her. She shared she had to stay an extra night because the doctor never showed to sign discharge papers, the pharmacy was closed overnight so her prescriptions weren’t ready, and she still has not received a bill which had to be mailed because the computer system was shut down for maintenance when she called to inquire. She continued to share that she was provided access instructions for an online portal to view her records, but the link does not work and the user ID and password she was promised would be in the discharge paperwork was nowhere to be found. You are preparing for the weekly leadership meeting and have a patient satisfaction improvement plan share in response to Mabel’s feedback about her hospital stay. In addition, each leader has to come prepared to discuss two innovative technologies they feel would improve patient safety. They are looking at the next fiscal year and want to budget for the integration of two new innovations. Instructions Create an improvement plan including an outline for two proposed innovative healthcare technologies on a Word document including:· Identify all of Mabel’s hospital stay concerns and describe how the failure of technology impacted Mabel’s healthcare delivery.· Describe two innovative technologies you would recommend to improve client experience, such as Mabel’s and describe how you would evaluate the impact of these technologies.· Identify evidence from the literature to support how each technology had a positive impact on client safety. Deliverable 7 – Reflections of Emerging Healthcare Technologies and Innovation Competency 1. Explain technologies that lead to enhanced decision-making strategies utilizing the technology life cycle. 2. Evaluate the role and scope of practice for Nursing Informaticist. 3. Differentiate the impact of various communication technologies on safety and quality improvement.4. Analyze ethical and nursing informatics practice standards within the context of healthcare delivery.5. Analyze how evidence-based practice influences healthcare technology.6. Explain innovative systems and distribution of technology to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery and patient safety. Scenario You are applying for positions as a new BSN nurse and seeking a position that fills your passion and enthusiasm for leveraging emerging healthcare technologies. Your current nurse manager at Healing Spaces Hospital has encouraged you to apply for the internal nurse Informaticist position on the oncology unit. You enjoy working at this hospital and appreciate the private, non-profit nature in the small, rural community. The qualifications do ask for applicants to have a certification in Nursing Informatics or a Master’s degree but it does have a grace period for those willing to get one of these advancements. Therefore, you have gone ahead and submitted the application and submitted a letter of reference from your nurse manager and current nursing informaticist on your unit. You received an email that your application has been accepted and you are scheduled for a panel interview with nursing leaders next Friday at noon.InstructionsYou have received a packet of panel interview questions to come prepared with answers to show how you would fill this Nursing Informatics role. You must creatively address the scenario questions using support from credible evidence within the field of nursing informatics. Using a Word document answer the following four interview questions:· Our hospital is considering purchasing innovative technology to support staffing and patient flow in the oncology unit, what would you recommend and why?· Support your choice with current evidence· You need to design a policy for ethical use of clinical information systems. What would you propose for this policy?· Support your choice with current evidence· We are considering purchasing technology to support patient education and decrease re-admissions in the cardiology unit, what would you recommend and why?· Support your choice with current evidence· Healing Spaces would like to increase our technological security to increase patient safety, specifically protecting PHI. What technological security measures do you feel are most important to consider and why?· Support your choice with current evidence    McGonigle, D. Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge. [Bookshelf Ambassadored]. Retrieved from editionAnd peer review articles Purchase this Tutorial.