Because it appears that everyone is taking their time responding to Week 3 DQ #1, I thought I would provide you with some information that may assist you with the DQ this week. You’ve provided a lot of useful background information on the measures. However, I’m not sure which data sources you’d use or how you’d apply one of the models. Simply listing the model is insufficient. The three items listed below must be included in your post. I’ve included an example for your review below. There is still time to add to your posts so that you are credited for answering all aspects of the question.

Choose two HEDIS® measures (a, b, c, d, e, or f from the list below) that must be implemented in a physician practice to improve patient outcomes.
Describe the data sources required to carry out the two measures.
Explain how you would use one of the quality improvement models (Lean, PDSA, or Six Sigma) to implement the two HEDIS® Measures.