NURS4455 Nursing Leadership and ManagementModule 2 Assignment 1Organizational Analysis–Shadowing PlanOpen the Assignment document and review the instructions for “shadowing” a nurse leader in your organization. Overview: Organizational Analysis The major assignment for this course is analysis of an organization. You will study and report on its structure, processes, and nurse leaders. To get a glimpse of the roles and responsibilities of a nurse leader, meet with a BSN nurse leader at least two levels above your current position in your organization and request opportunities to observe some of the tasks the nurse leader directs. If you are unable to observe these tasks you may interview the nurse leader/manager as an alternative. Obviously, there are situations in which you will not be able to observe or participate in meetings or other events or tasks, but you should be able to work with the nurse leader to schedule an interview and at least three specific leadership tasks to discuss. Complete this assignment to describe which organizational leader you will interview and the plans for the experience. For verification of plans and scheduling, provide contact information of the leader with whom you will be working. If you are unable to shadow or interview a nurse leader, you may shadow or interview a leader or manager in a non-healthcare related field. You will need to notify your coach. Objectives •  Explain how organizations function.•             Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management. •  Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions.• Evaluate effectiveness of communications patterns using specific management situations. Shadowing Plan In the space below, describe your plan for observing a nurse leader in your organization as the leader is engaged in leadership tasks. First, schedule an interview with the nurse leader (at least two levels above your current position) and record that date and time. Include descriptions of activities, your expected roles or behaviors as an observer or participant, and schedules of the activities. Explain the types of things you will be looking for and how you will record your observations. (Space will expand as you type.)Please remember to send a thank-you note to the nurse leader you interview. Purchase this Tutorial.