Of course, the final script for your production should include APA-style citations and references. You will upload a copy of this script to Turnitin as usual.

You can submit the assessment in one of two formats:

Option one is to create the video segment. You should play the correspondent, but you can enlist the help of family and friends to play other roles. You could even play different roles in a video “selfie” in which you accurately consider the alternatives. Although Kaltura and Adobe Connect are available in the courseroom, you may use any device or software of your choice as long as you can submit your work to your instructor for evaluation.
Option two: Create the audio segment as if it were going to be broadcast as a radio program or a podcast. You will be the correspondent once more, but you are free to invite others to participate or record yourself in different roles. As with the video option, you can record the audio in any way that works for you, but make sure to submit the audio file or a link to it as your submission for evaluation.
Include the following concepts in your evaluation:

Explain the selected issue in detail, using examples from real life.
Describe at least two different academic disciplines’ contributions to the issue.
Explain at least two opposing viewpoints on the issue, taking each into account fairly.
Clearly defend your own stance on the issue.