In your textbook, read the Businessweek Case: A Critical Shortage of Nurses. For additional research, visit the Argosy University online library and complete the following tasks:

Summarize the case and your research that relates to it in 1-2 paragraphs.
Explain at least three trends that you believe are contributing to the nursing shortage based on your research. Explain your response.
Explain at least three HR trends and practices that may help hospitals recruit and retain enough nurses based on your research. Explain your response.
Assume you are the Human Resources Manager at your local hospital. Summarize your impressions of their services and operations, and suggest ways you can help the hospital attract and retain nurses. Describe the HRM skills and knowledge required to fulfill the role of HR Manager in this hospital.

Create a three-page Word document. Apply current APA writing style standards to your work. In composing your response, consult at least three outside sources, one of which may be your text book. b. A nursing researcher wanted to know if patients recovered faster when they received more in-home care than when they received the standard amount.

c. A group of adolescent boys was given interpersonal skills training and then tested in September and May to see if it had any effect on family harmony.

d. One group of adult men was given instructions on how to reduce their high blood pressure, while another group received no instructions.

e. One group of men was given access to an exercise program and had their heart health tested twice over a 6-month period.