Once you’ve decided on a disease or health condition, make a PowerPoint presentation that you can use in your lunch and learn session, including the following:

Identify the disease or health condition you’ve chosen, as well as the locations where nurses are likely to encounter it. (Do this on the agenda slide or the slide following the agenda.)
Identify the three most commonly used drugs in the treatment of the disease or health condition.
Explain the possible actions, side effects, indications, and contraindications of the pharmacological treatment.
Describe the most common treatment regimen for the disease or health condition. This should include, but not be limited to, pharmacology.
Explain how a client’s lifestyle may be impacted by the treatment regimen (including pharmacology). Consider things like finances, administration ease or complexity, instructions (frequency, duration), and so on.
Describe how a nurse should monitor a client who is being treated for a disease or health condition in order to achieve a good patient outcome.
Explain any controversies surrounding the drugs used in treatment. Is there, for example, a black box warning on any of the drugs?