Make a 7- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that covers the following topics:

Determine the goal.
Identify the difficulties of being a manager.
Establish the criteria.
Describe the objectives you want to achieve as a manager.
The criteria should be weighted.
As a manager, explain the goals in descending order of importance.
Look for alternatives.
Examine various tools that a manager can use to motivate employees.
Examine how a leader can use these tools to motivate employees.
Explain how leaders and managers motivate their employees differently.
Explain how managers can empower their employees.
Alternatives should be tested.
Examine how positive modeling can be used in this scenario and the modeling alternatives available.
Examine how managers can incorporate mentorship into their daily tasks.
Explain how to deal with staff resistance.
Describe the issues that may impede goal attainment.
Analyze the action.
To ensure success, consider how goals will be measured.
Examine the ethical issues in leadership and management.
Explain any additional management decisions that must be made in the scenario to boost employee morale.
Examine how the decisions’ success will be measured.