Read Chapter 24 of the class textbook and go over the PowerPoint presentation that is attached. Once completed, please respond to the following questions:

Explain and provide examples of community mental health concepts, as well as discuss the importance of community mental health promotion in special populations.
Explain the biological, social, and political factors that contribute to mental illness.
Describe various types of evidence-based mental disorder treatment, such as psychotropic medication management, community case management, and crisis intervention. Provide at least one example.
4. Describe the community role of mental health nurses.


As specified in the syllabus, submit your assignment in an APA format word document using the Arial 12 font. A minimum of three evidence-based references, not older than five years, must be used and quoted in accordance with APA guidelines. It is necessary to write at least 800 words. Please follow the instructions exactly and use either spell-check or Grammarly before submitting your assignment. In addition, I will pay close attention to spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. You must present the assignment in the manner specified, answering the questions numerically.