The rising cost of rent and overhead was discussed at your most recent office staff meeting. One of your partners mentioned that a large pharmacy chain approached him with an offer of space adjacent to their new pharmacy, which is only one block away from your current offices. The cost per square foot is half of what you are currently paying, and it was suggested that the rent could be reduced if your office generated a significant volume of prescriptions. Although this offer is very appealing, you are concerned about a potential conflict of interest. One of your partners is pushing for you to investigate this possibility. You’re wondering if you could avoid the conflict by refusing to accept any rent reduction based on prescription volume while still taking the space at the lower lease costs. Another partner believes that this arrangement will jeopardize her autonomy and will give the impression that the office is affiliated with the pharmacy even though it is not. Everyone agrees that overhead expenses must be reduced. What is the proper course of action?

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