NU530 Organizational Systems and Behaviors Unit 7 Assignment Summative Assessment Instructions Define a work setting situation you have been involved in, either good or not so good, that allows you to demonstrate application of the concepts learned in this course i.e., leadership style, organizational culture, the change process and strategic planning, What additional information would you collect to analyze the situation? Evaluate the culture of the organization Evaluate the leadership style What is the solution to the problem or what makes this situation so good? Make suggestions for implementing the best solution to resolve the problem or include what things were in place to make your situation a good one. Utilizing the change process Identify strategic plan Conclusion, including what you have learned about organizational leadership that will influence your future practice. Requirements The analysis of your organization should be 1500-2000 words. Determine detailed additional information you would collect to analyze the situation. Evaluate the culture of the organization. Evaluate the leadership of the organization. Identify the problem and describe it in detail. Determine a solution to the problem. Make suggestions for implementing the best solution to resolve the problem. Use the change process and identify a strategic plan. Use proper APA, 6th Edition, formatting for citations and references. All facts should be supported by references. Complete this assignment by Sunday at midnight at the end of this unit. Purchase this Tutorial.