NURS4455 Nursing Leadership and Management Module 4 Assignment : Organizational Analysis – The Nurse Leader Name: Date: Overview: Organizational Analysis – The Nurse Leader The major assignment for this course is analysis of your organization. In this assignment, you will analyze your nurse leader’s characteristics and behaviors regarding others in managing, leading, and communicating. By respectfully, but critically, critiquing these attributes of the nurse leader you have been “shadowing,” you can identify the attributes that you consider most and least effective, and most and least similar to the way you see yourself managing, leading, and communicating. Complete this document to record your analysis of your nurse leader. Objectives • Explain how organizations function.•             Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management.•  Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions. • Evaluate effectiveness of communication patterns using specific management situations Expected elements of scholarly writing: • Ensure correct grammar and spelling•             Assignment should be submitted as an APA Paper, including title page and references.• Title page is required for this Assignment and the UTACON version is expected format.•  1-inch margins.•  Please provide all references used to support your opinions and clarify positions in the paper.  The reference list begins on a separate page from the content. •Headings are expected and must be connected to the assignment criteria following APA style. An introduction is expected providing a brief look at what is planned within the body of the paper. However, no heading is used over the introduction in APA format. A Summary is used and should have a heading over it.•             For all other style questions refer to the American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) Washington, DC: Author. Nurse Manager Include your nurse facilitator’s credentials, position, scope of responsibilities, length of time as a manager, etc. Describe his or her participation in professional organizations, which professional journals he or she typically reads, and other pertinent information related to ongoing professional development. Nurse Leader Describe the leadership style of the nurse manager with supportive references cited. Provide specific examples of how he or she handles responsibilities and indicate whether you believe the responsibilities were handled effectively or ineffectively. Provide at least two specific examples of leadership skills in practice, and critique the effectiveness/ineffectiveness for the identified situation. (Examples may include situations related to use of power, conflict management, managing personnel, crisis management, effective delegation, team building, etc.) Communication Provide specific examples of communications interactions upward, downward, as well as peer communication. How effective or ineffective is the manager in various roles, and what recommendations do you have that would help him or her to be a more effective communicator? Purchase this Tutorial.