Health care reform such as the Affordable Care Act has assisted with changing health care from only treating diseases to one that is preventive and focuses on health and wellness of individuals. Nurses play a major role in focusing on educating the public regarding health and wellness. Nurses are health educators and have a responsibility of teaching those within the community and their patients on all tools to continue or start living a health life and preventing diseases from occurring in their lives. Now that communities as a whole have started to be introduced to health and wellness options; it will continue because individuals wants to remain healthy and not becoming ill with diseases for their lifespan. Nursing education is beneficial throughout healthcare because nurses are able to develop rapport with individuals and assist with educating on the necessary course of treatment or prevention. Prevention in today’s healthcare consists of annual doctor visits and screenings, maintaining an active lifestyle and engaging in a healthy diet and appropriate dietary choices to assist their lives. There are many more screenings to assist with diagnosis of diabetes and early detection of cancer which is preventing thoughts???health care from being so specific on disease and more so on preventing and early detection of common diseases. Early detection and prevention assist with providing a healthier life. It is noted how nursing is transforming to be focused more on education specific for their patients (Whitney, 2018). Patient centered approaches or community centered approaches are beneficial because they directly impact and assist those who are in need. Prevention is assisting with decreasing morality and overall better living conditions. Purchase this Tutorial.