Read Chapters 6 and 7 and write a 500-word APA-style document answering the following questions. include at least one reference

1. Discuss the significance of effective communication in personal relationships, therapeutic relationships, and relationships within the interprofessional health-care team.

2. Can you identify any similarities or differences between the above interactions?

3. Describe the concept of congruence in verbal and nonverbal communication.

4. There are numerous pitfalls to electronic communication. Identify a situation in which an electronic form of communication may result in a miscommunication. What other method of communication would have been more effective?

5. How have you seen ISBAR used in your clinical experiences?

6- Create your own hand-off report. Include anything you believe is important for safe and effective nursing care. For creating this report form, refer to the chapter’s information. Determine the effectiveness of your unit’s current system for communicating shift-to-shift reports using the information from the chapter.

7-Dr. Roberts enters the nurses’ station and demands, “Where are Mr. Adams’s lab reports?” I ordered these as soon as possible, but they have yet to arrive! Who is in charge of this patient?” As the nurse, how would you react?

8-Define and explain the concept of accountability in delegation. What are the legal consequences of delegation accountability?