NU530 Organizational Systems and Behaviors Unit 3 Assignment Presentation Instructions You may select one of the two options below to submit for your assignment – only submit one. The topics for this unit are finance, human resources, performance improvement, and technology – the business of healthcare. You have been asked to speak to a group of students in nursing and other healthcare professions. You are assigned to talk about the importance of finance, human resources, performance improvement, and technology in healthcare organizations. Create a PowerPoint presentation. You have been given 15-20 minutes. Plan on 1 slide for every 1-2 minutes of speaking time (10-15 slides).Utilize the notes function to outline your talking points and provide additional facts that you will use for your presentation. Include a minimum of 4-5 scholarly references to support your presentation. Submit your assignment by the date given by the instructor.-OR-Using the framework presented in Competitive Strategy in Three Minutes video, analyze your organization. Does your organization have a competitive advantage? If so, explore how and why this is a competitive advantage. If not, do you see an area that could be developed as a competitive advantage? If you were in charge, what would you do moving forward to build/create a competitive advantage for our organization? Your analysis should be 1500-2000 words and include any references needed to support your analysis. Purchase this Tutorial.