Safety and Quality Webquest

Welcome this is the safety and quality webquest – enjoy your quest for information! Please go to each Stop below and provide answers to the discussion questions (make sure to identify the answers clearly as Stop 1, Stop 2, etc.

Stop #1

This link takes you to The Joint Commission site and the 2015 National Patient Safety Goals. Notice that the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) are now more specific and are identified by area of practice because they are not all the same.

Click on Ambulatory Health Care in the 2015 NPSG Program Links. Then click on Download Chapter. Select one of the goals listed and reflect on the information provided as well as the elements of performance listed to increase safety.

Discussion: Have you witnessed safety issues related to this goal in your practice? Have you or anyone in your family been impacted by any of these issues? If so, was a nurse involved?

Stop #2

Open the article Health Education Journal-2014-Moreno-415-22 attached with the assignment.

Discussion: How well are transitions of care handled in the setting in which you work currently? Does the facility you work in have a policy related to transitions of care? If so, what evidence was used to indicate that it would be effective? What do you think about the evidence provided in this article to support the transition models which were discussed? Have you witnessed any of these models in use in settings where you work (have worked)?

Stop #3

This next link takes you to another area “Transforming Healthcare” that is still within the Joint Commission to the site.

Click on the Projects Tab. Select one of the links and read the paragraph summary about the project. Also open at least one of the embedded videos (if there is more than one).

Discussion: What did you learn about the chosen project? Were you aware of the seriousness of this issue? What evidence is provided to support effectiveness? Do you agree with the evidence provided?

Stop #4

Did you know that there are Nursing Quality Indicators? This link will take you to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) and give you an overview of the initiative.

Discussion: Do you think these are valid indicators of nursing care quality? Why or why not? Does this type of data empower nurses?