Windshield Survey 10% / Community Assessment Project 20% Conduct a survey of the clinical placement community using a windshield (or a surrounding community). Use the following to create a three-page report with brief recommendations for any issues raised during the survey.

1. Vitality of the community

Is it possible to see people in the community? What are they up to?

Who are the people who live in the area? What are their ages? What is the most common age group (e.g., elderly, preschoolers, young mothers, or school-aged children)?

What is the most common ethnicity or race?

What was the overall appearance of those you saw? Do they appear to be healthy? Do you notice any obvious disabilities, such as those using walkers or wheelchairs, or those suffering from mental or emotional disorders? Where do they call home?

Do you notice residents who are well fed or underfed, thin or obese, vigorous or frail, unkempt or scantily dressed, or well dressed and clean?

Do you notice any tourists or visitors in the neighborhood?

Do you notice any individuals who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Do you notice any pregnant women? Do you see women pushing strollers and children who are dying? 2. Social and economic indicators