Is there any information available about the types of jobs available to residents? Are there any nearby job opportunities, such as factories, small businesses, or military bases? Is there a visible presence of unemployed people, such as homeless people?

Do you notice men congregating in large groups on the street? What are they like and what are they up to?

Is this in a rural area? Are there farms or agricultural businesses in the area?

Is there any evidence of seasonal workers, such as migrant or day laborers?

Do you see any women loitering on the streets? What are they up to?

Do you see any children or adolescents leaving school during the day?

Is there any interest in political campaigns or issues like campaign signs?

Is there any evidence of health education on billboards, advertisements, signs, radio or television stations?

Do these approaches appear to be appropriate for the people you observed? What types of schools and day care centers are there?