Select a group of people who, in your opinion, should employ critical thinking skills.
Identify and develop a tool that can be used to assess or measure the cognitive habits or behaviors that are a part of the critical thinking process that this population employs for this specific population.
Examples include a novice nurse just starting out in the nursing profession, an experienced nurse working on a new unit, parents of a child with a chronic illness, and a patient who has received a new diagnosis of diabetes or heart disease and must learn to self-manage the disease, among other things.

Choose which cognitive habits and behaviors to measure by referring to Box 2-5 and Appendix A in this document.
The following features should be included in the tool:

There are a total of eight questions, each of which addresses a different cognitive habit or behavior.
a justification for each question – why that particular question is appropriate for measuring that specific cognitive habit or behavior
In order to introduce your tool, you should first discuss the significance of cognitive habits or behaviors that encourage critical thinking. Provide a conclusion that ties the entire assignment together successfully.

Consider the following as an example of a question you could ask when evaluating the critical thinking skills of minority parents of overweight children.

Do you have a positive or negative attitude toward your child’s overall health? What is the state of your family’s health?

In order to assess critical thinking skills or habits of the mind, the following questions must be answered: from a contextual standpoint

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