Introduction: According to Polit and Beck, “during the collection of qualitative data, both the study and the participants, as well as those collecting the data, are taken into account.” The goal is to achieve consistency in what questions are asked and how answers are reported. This is done to reduce biases and make analysis easier.” (Polit and Beck, 2017) I currently work in the surgical services unit and conduct patient satisfaction surveys on a daily basis. I’ll be asking questions about our patients’ experiences during their surgical procedures with us.

My five questions are based on patients who were discharged from our surgical services unit following a surgical procedure at our hospital. Our patients will have been through our preop, operating room, and post anesthesia care units by the time they are discharged. Some may have been admitted to our medsurg unit and spent time there. These questions are centered on how satisfied they were with our surgical services overall.


How do you feel about our surgical services unit’s overall access to care?
What are your thoughts on the overall process and wait time from admission to surgical start time?
How do you feel about our staff’s friendliness and concern?
Do you believe you and your loved ones received adequate discharge instructions on how to care for yourself and manage your post-operative pain at home?
How likely are you to recommend us to your family and friends for surgical services if the need arises?