Do you believe that American politicians struggle with pragmatism? Theory and current events should be used to back up your position. RPs must effectively support either agreement or disagreement.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a pragmatist; when he sees a problem, he does not see it as liberal or conservative, as most politicians do. This is most likely due to the fact that he is not a politician. He runs a business. As a result, when he sees a problem, he knows it needs to be fixed. He may not take the most popular approach to solving the problem, but as a businessman, he is unlikely to be concerned with making friends. I believe he believes that viewing problems as liberal or conservative only adds to the problem by increasing spending to fix the problem, say in the most conservative way. Take, for example, immigration, which is a problem that must be addressed in the most practical way possible. Now, Donald Trump may not say the right things or lay out his plan correctly, but he may be able to solve the immigration problem in the end. He also recognizes the importance of resolving China’s currency issue, and I believe he will take a pragmatic approach to resolving it. He is a businessman, as I previously stated, and will handle business. Other politicians must be pragmatic in the sense that when they see a problem, they find a way to fix it rather than dancing around the issue in order not to hurt feelings or making friends by making promises they know they will not keep.