Part I: Lobbyists have been a part of the United States government since the early 1800s. Lobbyists play an important role in healthcare because they represent the interests of their clients. Analyze two examples of how lobbyists influence healthcare legislation in a 4-5 page paper. Finish your paper by stating whether you believe lobbyists’ actions have a positive or negative impact on healthcare legislation in the United States. Please keep in mind the position and facility that you have chosen.

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Make a point of including the following:

In each case, discuss the lobbyist’s specific interest.
For each example, go over some of the ethical issues and moral debates in depth.
Discuss whether lobbyists’ actions on healthcare legislation in the United States are positive or negative, and back up your points with specifics.
This section of your assignment will require you to conduct research and analyze data from various sources. Use at least five credible sources for your paper, three of which should be academic sources from the Rasmussen College Online Library (remember to include in-text citations throughout your paper when paraphrasing or quoting).
Include an APA-formatted reference page.