Submit a paper based on evidence-based practice on cultural competency in mental health nursing. An evidence-based practice paper enables you to investigate best practices and aid in the improvement of client outcomes on a psychiatric unit. Your paper should describe how you, as a nurse, will – or have – included cultural awareness in the care of a client suffering from a mental illness. The person you describe could be someone in your clinical setting, someone you’ve previously worked with, or a hypothetical client.

Remember that culture can include gender equality, sexual orientation, and other cultures other than race and religion – including cultures unique to one family. Your paper should be at least 3 pages (double-spaced, excluding the title and reference pages) in APA format and include the following:

Assessment: Discuss how you would evaluate a client’s culture. Is there, for example, a specific dietary requirement? Is it necessary to alter your schedule in order to avoid clashes with religious practices? Who is the family’s spokesperson? What do you think?
Diagnosis: List any mental health nursing diagnoses that this person has or is at risk of having. At least one cultural diagnosis should be included.
Planning: What preparations must be made to ensure the client’s cultural and emotional safety?
Implementation: In terms of culture, what interventions would ensure your client’s safety? At least two interventions should be included. For example, if your client’s religious beliefs interfere with his or her ability to take medications, what interventions would you devise to ensure the client’s safety? What can you do to ensure that the client’s cultural requirements are met?
Evaluation: How will you determine whether your implementation was successful? Ascertain that the parameters are objective and measurable.
Discuss whether any completed interventions were successful in your summary. What changes could be made in the future? If the interventions have not yet been implemented, you may want to discuss some institutional changes that could be implemented to ensure cultural safety for all clients in that setting.
Your paper should follow APA guidelines and include at least three scholarly sources to back it up. A scholarly source is one that has been peer reviewed and has appropriate,