Critically assess Mr. M.’s situation in 750-1,000 words. Include the following items:

Describe the clinical manifestations that Mr. M. is experiencing.
Discuss what primary and secondary medical diagnoses should be considered for Mr. M based on the information presented in the case scenario. Explain why these should be taken into account and what data is provided to back it up.
Discuss what abnormalities you would expect to find and why when performing your nursing assessment.
Describe the physical, psychological, and emotional effects that Mr. M’s current health situation may have on him. Discuss the implications for his family.
Discuss what interventions can be implemented to assist Mr. M. and his family.
Discuss at least four actual or potential problems that Mr. M. is currently facing. Give an explanation for each.
To complete this assignment, you must cite a minimum of two sources. Sources must have been published within the last 5 years, be relevant to nursing practice, and be appropriate for the assignment criteria.

Prepare this assignment in accordance with the APA Style Guide, which can be found in the Student Success Center. There is no need for an abstract.