Read the case study “Memorial Hospital” in Chapter 4 of your text. Respond to the guided response below in a three- to four-page paper.

Discuss various methods for measuring quality in a hospital. Make a point of explaining your reasoning.

Explain the potential costs and quality failures for Memorial Hospital, as well as how each can be measured.

Discuss TQM ideas or techniques that Janice could use to assist Memorial in focusing on providing quality health care.

Examine the methods Memorial could employ to evaluate the quality of health care it provides.

Your paper should be written in paragraphs (no bullet points) and supported by the concepts outlined in your text as well as additional scholarly sources.


Send in your three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted in accordance with the APA guidelines.




Study of a case


Memorial Hospital is a 600-bed facility that is privately owned.