N682 School Nursing Week 6 Assignment In a 20 slide presentation, using at least 2 APA style cited references, complete the following: You have several students with Asthma. Discuss the difference between an asthma action plan and an Individualized health plan. Create a PowerPoint or Prezi on asthma. The first 2 slides should be a description of these plans. Then create five slides to be used to train teachers about their students with asthma. You have several epinephrine pens in your office for children with severe allergies. Discuss how you would collaborate with the head of nutrition in your school district to keep these students safe? Create a PowerPoint or Prezi on allergies. The first two would discuss how to collaborate with the nutrition department. Then create five slides that you would use to teach the bus drivers how to use an epinephrine pen. As a closing element, discuss the importance of collaboration for these two conditions. Feel free to use other resources for your teachings and explanations, such as YouTube in your teaching.   Purchase this Tutorial.