NURS3375 Health Policy & Legal Aspects Module 4 Discussion Documentation Affected by Under Staffing or Misappropriation of Narcotics? What sections of the Nursing Practice Act and the Board Rules address documentation? The nurse cannot make more staff magically appear. What could the nurse have done, under these circumstances, to improve her documentation and perhaps avoid being reported to the Board? (NOTE: In the real case upon which this scenario is built, the nurse did testify that she felt that she had allowed herself to get lulled into the “that’s the way we do it” mentality for that unit!)What do you feel is the best way to handle narcotic wastage if another nurse is not readily available? Suppose you are an investigator with the Board. Open and read the sample background information and notice letter from the Board by clicking on the link. Then discuss the above questions with your colleagues. Background Information and Sample Notice Letter Preview the document Your participation in this Discussion will be graded upon the detail and accuracy of your contributions to the discussion. Purchase this Tutorial.