BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice Module 1 Discussion DQ1 Assessment of the patient is critical to providing safe, high quality nursing care. Yet, often we have so many procedures to perform, medications to administer and other tasks to complete that we do not stop to critically assess the patient. Consider the following in your discussion: What assessment processes do you use in your daily nursing practice? Are the processes more of a systems checklist or do they truly involve the synthesis of information that involves reflection and critical thinking?How can you reconsider personal habits and cognitive processes and make sure to include critical thinking in the assessment process?DQ2After completing the Critical Thinking Inventory on pages 341-345, share what you found out about your own critical thinking skills that relate to “confidence”, “intuition”, “discrimination” and “predicting”. Use examples from your nursing practice or experience to discuss how you may be able to improve your critical thinking. For example, share how you currently consider specific assessment data and how you may be able to improve the critical thinking process to improve patient outcomes and quality of care. Example: Mr. Jones appears fine, his vital signs are stable, heart rate is slightly irregular, but he calls the nurse frequently to ask questions that do not relate to his diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. He seems very “needy.” Reflect on the patient, his previous history of heart problems, considering that his anxiety level may be high due to possible complications from the atrial fibrillation (stroke) or other issues. Create an action plan to talk with him about his condition, his previous experiences with his health care, and answer all questions that he may have. BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice Module 2 Discussion Thinking and other cognitive processes such as analysis and synthesis depend upon many variables, both internal and external. Each person has learned patterns of thinking that are a result of culture, ethnicity, education and genetics. Choose ONE of the following to answer in this discussion forum: Discuss a previous experience when you had a disruption in your own critical thought processes because of a particular situation, anxiety, or lack of confidence.  Explain how you could overcome the disruption of thinking if you experienced the same situation today. Specifically, how might you alter your way of thinking when internal forces or variables confront you? OR Discuss a previous experience when you had a disruption in your own critical thought processes because of external environmental issues such as societal rules, work environment or a cultural or generational “disconnect” caused disruption in your critical thinking. How might you handle this situation differently knowing what you know now? BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice Module 3 Discussion How does your health care organization assess nursing competency? Does your organization use a formal tool?  Can we observe “competency”, or can we measure it in another way? Using the IOM Core competencies as a guide (Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015), p. 86), discuss your suggestions for improving quality and consistency of care through assessing nursing competency in your work environment. BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice Module 4 Discussion Discuss strategies that you can use to encourage and support implementing evidence- based practice and use of nursing outcome indicators in your current work environment to improve nursing practice and ultimately high quality, safe patient care? BSN436 Developing Nursing Practice Module 5 Discussion DQ1 Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015) suggested that interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration involves different communication styles and can result in conflict that can negatively affect patient care practices. Previously you discussed how emotions, feelings anxiety and confidence can affect your ability to think critically.  Discuss how you may be able to use conflict in a positive way to promote interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration.DQ2 This week’s readings discuss “team thinking”. Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015) in the 3nd edition of their book discuss Bensimon and Neumann’s eight roles that people can fulfill in team thinking to make the “team think” effective.Bensimon and Neumann identified the following eight team thinking roles:1. The definer (voices and creates the team’s reality)2. The analyst (assesses all of the parts of the issue)3. The interpreter (provides insight on how team members perceive outcomes)4. The critic (redefines, reanalyzes and reinterprets)5. The synthesizer (elicits all thinking perspectives and helps provide linkages for solutions)6. The disparity monitor (assesses how team members perceive outcomes)7. The task monitor (removes obstacles to team thinking and facilitates the teamwork)8. The emotional monitor (address the human, personal, and emotional aspects of team thinking during the thinking process.Choose two of the roles and share an example from your nursing practice of someone fulfilling the roles.Why is this role necessary in order for the team thinking process to go smoothly?How do other members of the team perceive this person’s role? BSN436 Developing Nursing PracticeModule 6 Discussion You are a nurse preceptor for a novice nurse from your unit. Create a scenario from your work experience and develop three questions reflecting the Critical Thinking Habits of the Mind, (Appendix A, pages 341- 356) that will help you to assess how your mentee is doing. Respond to two classmates by completing their questions, evaluating the scenario, and identifying what you learned from their scenario. BSN436 Developing Nursing PracticeModule 7 Discussion Does information technology facilitate or hinder the practice of assessment? Include one example from personal practice that shows how technology helped or hindered your patient assessment processes. BSN436 Developing Nursing PracticeModule 8 Discussion DQ1 Nurses have the potential to create change in their environment and in the profession in general. Discuss a situation in which you were responsible for or involved in a project that created a change in practice during your nursing career. Provide the important points that led up to the change and specific steps detailing how you participated in the change. Finally, summarize what the results of the change had on the patient population.DQ2 Please reflect back through this course. What do believe is the most significant thing you gained from completing this course? How do you believe this course has or will impact your own personal nursing practice? Share any additional insight or thoughts you have had during this course. Purchase this Tutorial.