Assume that you are the administrator of a fictitious organization of your choice for all assignments. The organization could be any type of health care facility, such as a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, clinic, and so on. As the administrator, you are confronted with the challenges of declining insurance provider reimbursements and rising demand for patient services as a result of dramatic changes in the external environment. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, for example, imposes such changes.


Conducting an environmental analysis will be your first step in evaluating your organization’s position. The goal is to assess your organization’s ability to continue providing quality care while remaining financially solvent in the face of these challenges.




Write a six- to eight-page (6-8) paper in which you:

Determine two (2) specific external forces that will have the greatest impact on your organization. Give a reason for your decision.
Determine two (2) specific internal factors that the organization’s leaders must consider in preparing for the future of health care and the organization’s future. Give a reason for your decision.
Discuss how the identified internal and external forces affect the organization’s ability to develop a competitive strategy.
Recommend one (1) strategy for involving the organization’s managers in the implementation and maintenance of the strategic plan’s momentum.
In this assignment, use at least three (3) high-quality academic resources. It should be noted that Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources. Describe your sampling strategy and the potential number of participants you would like to reach.
Justify the sample size projections for EACH strategy.
Finish your discussion by going over the inclusion and exclusion criteria you might use for each sample.