N680 Overview of Public Health Nursing Module 7 Assignment There will be two scenarios from which the student can choose one: Scenario One: From the suggested reading materials, select a home visiting or case management program and summarize in 250 words or less the program goals and objectives and what interventions are provided. Focus on nursing activities when possible. Develop a logic model that would reflect that program. Ensure the critical elements of inputs, outputs, outcomes or impacts are included.  There will be aspects of the logic model that will require research so references are required using APA style.  Place the detail references on a separate page with the logic model. Click here for a guide to developing and using logic models ( Click here for an example of logic model ( assignment should be presented in logic model format with APA formatted citations and references. At least two scholarly sources, other than the textbook and provided materials are required. Scenario Two: From the suggested reading materials, select an important public health message that would be an important component of community-based program. Create a 60-90 second public service announcement for television. The script must be submitted with references using APA style. Upload your video to YouTube. Paste the link on a Word document and submit to the dropbox. Be sure to include a cover page. Module 8 will be requiring an in depth community-based program so choosing a similar or the same topic area for both Modules is encouraged.  Purchase this Tutorial.