It is now time to submit your semester project. Remember to include the following in your project:

For your project, consider a Mental Health Concern – as well as the Patient or Community.
A brief history of the patient, including diagnoses and medications, or a summary of the community issue.
Any issues with substance abuse, addiction, or violence that are associated with this mental health problem. Describe the interventions that have been tried for your patient or community, and identify what has worked and what hasn’t. Send in a rough draft of the information you’ve gathered so far.
Describe your feelings about your patient’s or community’s mental health problem. Is there anything to worry about in terms of cognition? Consider what interventions might be beneficial. Include evidence-based practice sources.
Make a list of nursing interventions that are appropriate for your chosen patient or community. How will you measure success? Include a grading tool or rubric.
Completing your Semester Project requires you to identify mental health resources that can be used for your chosen patient or community. Finally, create an educational resource for your patient or community.