Discusses an ethical dilemma you’ve encountered in your therapeutic practice. At least two APA citations from sources that support or address your beliefs or ideas should be included:

Identify an ethical challenge that you’ve encountered in your clinical or professional environment. The situation could be an example of either ethical or unethical action, or a mix of the two. It could be a good or bad example of something that needs to be improved.
Describe the ethical dilemma, including the background of the client.
Describe what activities worked and what didn’t in resolving the ethical quandary.
Determine which ethical standards were in play (confidentiality, non-maleficence, etc.)
Determine three nurse interventions that would aid in the resolution of the ethical dilemma. These could include both ethical behaviors that you witnessed and ethical actions that were absent from the situation.
This document is expected to be 2 pages long (not counting the title page) and double-spaced. An introduction and conclusion, as well as proper APA citations from any source material you utilize, including your content, should be included in your paper.