BSN410 Healthcare Delivery and Quality OutcomesModule 1 Discussion DQ1 Much of the current debate in the U.S. and individual state governments centers on the inclusion and expansion of health insurance coverage for all Americans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 (ACA).  In addition, the scope of the uninsured and the underinsured population in the U.S. is great relative to other countries. Describe the purpose and importance of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Support your stance (position) by describing how you agree with or disagree with the purpose and intent of these plans.  Provide evidence for your stance (position).Answer the following question:  Will having universal health insurance coverage for all citizens in the U.S. substantially change the health status of individuals and populations?  If yes, how so.  If no, why not.  Support and provide evidence for your discussion.DQ2 One of the critical issues facing health reform is dealing with escalating costs of healthcare, which drives up premiums, co-pays, and the amount of out-of-pocket costs. Describe two or more ideas on controlling health costs and at what level (insurance companies, healthcare organizations, general public/community).Explain how these ideas would not impact quality and safety. Purchase this Tutorial.