Using the evidence-based research you gathered during your systematic review, the purpose of this Assignment is to provide you with a practical application to put your PICOT idea into practice. You will apply evidence-based research findings that you have discovered as a result of your clinical question and then integrate those findings to support your proposed change in nursing practice.


Identify your PICOT question that has been refined.
Conduct a systematic review of your clinical question using the PubMed and the Cochrane collaboration databases, as appropriate.
Incorporate an error analysis into your systematic review and describe it.
Decide whether or not the search results contain an evidence-based quantitative article that contains an evidence-based randomized control trial.
Write a synopsis of the case study that was chosen.
Describe the study’s methodology, sample size, and population under investigation.
Consider how the evidence from this review can be applied to your practice in particular when writing your overview.
Validity and reliability of the outcomes are determined by evaluating them.
Examine the study to determine if it contained any bias.
Determine the quality of the evidence that was discovered during the review.
In APA format, the paper should not be less than 10 pages in length.