1. Examine the ramifications of the effects of contemporary health policy on providers and consumers, as well as their implications.

2.Evaluate the legislative and policy-making strategies that are specific to the scope of practice and nursing roles and that have an impact on health care services and practice.

Select a health-care treatment option that is divisive and, at times, prohibitively expensive. Describe the positive and negative effects of the treatment, as well as the evidence of its effectiveness and the potential harm resulting from choosing a different treatment. Are there any specific tactics that you would employ to advocate for a legislative change in your state to influence insurance coverage for this treatment?

Select a controversial medical treatment option from the list below. Describe the course of action.
Define and explain the social and legal controversy that has surrounded your controversial treatment.
Describe the evidence that supports the efficacy of the contentious treatment option in question.
Indicate which research has found evidence to be inconclusive regarding the effectiveness of the controversial treatment.
Compare and contrast the positive and negative effects, as well as the potential harm, of the controversial treatment option.
Compare and contrast the positive and negative aspects of the traditional treatments that are currently available.
Contrast and contrast the expenses associated with the controversial treatment with the expenses associated with conventional treatments
Describe the procedure that must be followed in order for legislative change to take place in your state.
Describe the strategies you would employ at the local and state levels in order to advocate for a legislative change in your state that would have an impact on insurance coverage for this treatment.
Specify an estimated time frame for when your legislative change will take effect. Use the steps outlined in the required process for legislative change in your state to bring about change.

This is a fact-based assignment, and you will not be asked to express an opinion.
This will necessitate additional research and documentation to support what has been written.
You should write the Assignment entirely in your own words after reading the scholarly and fact-based publications, and you should include proper citations. There should be no quotations in this document. The professor is interested in hearing your voice because you are a masters-trained nurse.
An absolute minimum of seven citations should be included in the paper, with at least one of these being case law or applicable statutes.
Readings from journals

Please read the following journal articles, which you can find on the internet.

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