State the research question from one of the studies you’ve chosen (Spread of disease among homeless population). Remember that the verb(s) in the research question should support the statistical tests employed in data analysis.
* Describe the inferential tests employed in the study to answer the research question (for example, t-tests, chi-squares, ANOVA, multiple logistic regression, and so on). What was the purpose of the inferential test?
* Describe the statistical significance of a significant statistic, such as the p-value. What are the findings of the research? Are the findings of the study statistically significant? What do you make of the results?
* Are findings that are statistically significant also clinically significant? Explain the clinical implications of the study’s findings. Compare and contrast the statistically significant and clinically significant outcomes. What were the findings of the research? What different recommendations would you make in terms of nursing research and practice? Make use of concrete examples.