A. Create a brief summary (suggested length: 2—3 pages) of the significance and history of a healthcare issue by doing the following:

1. Describe a health-care issue.


2. Describe the problem’s significance.


3. Describe the current problem-solving practice.


4. Talk about how the problem affects the organization and/or the patient’s cultural background.


B. Fill out the attached â€PICO Table Template†by identifying all of the PICO’s elements.


1. Create the PICO question.


C. Describe the search strategy you used to conduct the literature review (suggested length: 12 pages) by doing the following:


1. Determine the keywords used in the search.


2. Describe the number and variety of articles available for consideration.


a. Discuss two sources of research evidence and two sources of non-research evidence that were considered (levels I—V).


D. Use the attached â€Evidence Matrix†to identify five research evidence sources (levels I—III) from scholarly journal sources found in major medical databases.


For research evidence, four different authors should be used. The research evidence cannot be older than five years.


Please keep in mind that you can submit your completed matrix as a separate attachment to the task, or you can incorporate it into your paper in accordance with APA standards.


E. Describe a recommended practice change (suggested length of 1—3 pages) that addresses the PICO question within the framework of the evidence gathered and used in the attached â€Evidence Matrix.â€


F. Describe a process for implementing the recommendation from Part E (suggested length: 2—3 pages) that includes the following steps:


1. Describe how you would involve three key stakeholders in the recommendation’s implementation decision.


2. Describe the specific challenges you may face when implementing evidence-based practice changes in the nursing practice setting.


3. Identify two strategies for overcoming the barriers discussed in F2.


4. Choose one indicator to track the outcome of the recommendation.


G. Cite sources for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized using APA-formatted in-text citations and references.