Describe three rate-based quality measurements in an 8 to 10 page paper.

Choose three rate-based quality measurements to serve as the primary foundation for this paper.

These metrics must be related to some aspect of clinical or service quality that is directly related to patient care or the patient’s experience with care. An analysis of staffing levels is not permitted for the purposes of this assignment. These websites and resources can provide you with useful information on quality indicators that are of interest to you. You may select only one of the three measures as a patient satisfaction measure.

Deconstruct each measure to include the following descriptions:

The measure’s definition
The numerical description of how the measurement is constructed (numerator/denominator measure counts, formula used to calculate the rate, and so on).
Explain how this measure’s data is gathered.
Describe how the measurement is externally compared to other similar settings; distinguish between the actual rate and a percentile ranking.
Explain whether or not the measure is risk-adjusted. If so, please describe briefly how this is accomplished.
Describe how goals for each measure might be set in an aggressive organization seeking to excel in the marketplace.
Describe the significance of each measure in the context of a specific clinical organization and setting.

You can choose a hospital, a nursing home, a home health agency, a dialysis center, a health plan, an outpatient clinic, or a private office using these websites and resources; a total population of patient types is also acceptable, but please be specific about the setting. That is, if you are interested in patients with chronic illnesses across the continuum of care, you could narrow your search to a specific health plan, a multispecialty practice setting, or a healthcare organization that has both inpatient and outpatient/clinic settings. This exercise is not permitted with faculty appointments or academic settings. For all other settings, seek advice from the instructor. To complete this assignment, you do not need actual data from a specific organization.

Each metric should be linked to patient safety, the cost of poor quality, and the overall cost of healthcare.