FUTURE Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner and this case needs to be as in a family practice clinic setting.
Power Point:
Guide to SBIRT for FUTURE Primary Care
Mental Health across
Power point presentation:
Screening and Brief Intervention or Referral to Treatment (S-BIRT)
In this unit you will create a voice over power point presentation regarding your SBIRT experience. APA format is expected. This is an exercise combining screening for harmful drug or alcohol use, with a brief intervention using Motivational Interviewing and referrals for follow up with Behavioral Health specialist.
Slide 1: SBIRT overview: Describe the SBIRT process and use in healthcare.
Slide 2: Case Presentation Do not include patient identifying information, age, chief complaint, risk factors
Slide 3: Screening Tool used Describe tool, validity, scoring information and citation. Your patients score, and the interpretation of your patients score.
Slide 4: Brief Intervention: How you applied the Motivational Interviewing process and shared your clients score and need for behavioral changes
Slide 5: Referral for Treatment: Describe the referral for follow up treatment that you provided
Slide 6: Evaluation of the process: Share patient outcome and provider evaluation of SBIRT process