1. Determine your state’s informed consent requirements. Is the standard the same for elective procedures and emergency situations?

2. Obtain a copy of the Nurse Practice Act in your state. Is there enough guidance in the act for nurses to know if an action falls within the scope of nursing practice?

1. Describe how your state’s Nurse Practice Act protects consumers and promotes professional nursing advancement.

2. How do you feel about multistate licensure? What effect does it have on professional nursing?

3. How can a new nurse ensure confidentiality in clinical settings?

4. How can nurses protect the confidentiality of medical information when transmitting it via fax or e-mail?

5. Describe the nurse’s role in obtaining informed consent. Do you think this falls within the scope of nursing practice? Explain your response.

Should nurses be covered by malpractice insurance? Explain your response.

7. Should advance directives be made available to all patients? Explain your response.

8. Should employers be allowed to require nurses to work overtime if a unit is short on registered nursing staff? Provide evidence from the literature to back up your answer.