Make up an ethical legal decision-making dilemma involving an advanced practice nurse in education, informatics, administration, or a nurse practitioner. Use relevant codes of conduct that apply to nursing practice and your chosen field.

Include one ethical principle and one law that could be broken, as well as whether the violation would be considered a civil or criminal offense based on the facts.

Construct a decision that demonstrates integrity and would prevent a violation of the ethical principle as well as a violation of the law.

Describe the legal principles and laws that govern the ethical quandary.

Prior legal cases or state or federal statutes can be used to back up the legal issues.

Analyze the distinctions between ethical and legal reasoning and use an ethical-legal reasoning model in the case study to create a foundation for a solution to the ethical-legal quandary.

List three recommendations that will alleviate the moral distress of advanced practice nurses in the dilemma you have presented.

Apply the laws to your case and reach a conclusion based on the issue you presented and the rules of the law.